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She also headlined the television series Ringer (2011–2012) and The Crazy Ones (2013–2014), the latter of which co-starred Robin Williams.

Her later film credits include The Air I Breathe (2008), Possession (2009) and Veronika Decides to Die (2009).Gellar went on to appear in numerous television series and commercials.Her first leading role was in the 1992 miniseries Swans Crossing, for which she was nominated for two Young Artist Awards.Season 12, Episode 14June 12, 2017When Stan hurts his feelings, Roger takes off to a small town disguised as a Julia Roberts character; and Steve sets up a meeting after learning that Jeff and Barry have never met.Season 12, Episode 12May 29, 2017The town turns on Steve after he convinces the star quarterback of the arena-football team to quit playing; and to pay off her gambling debts to him, Roger orders Hayley to take a job as a cab driver.

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