Behaving ethically online dating

But as we evolve as a business, what must drive everything we do is our collective and individual commitment to the Pw C Purpose and our values -- the foundations of our network.With over 200,000 of us working across more than 150 countries, we each have a role to play in making a real difference for our clients, the capital markets, our teams, our communities, and our broader stakeholders.We have a responsibility to understand why we do the things we do through our Purpose, what we focus on through our strategy, and how we work together through our values, behaviours, and conduct.Purpose defines who a business is and why it exists, acting as a vital guidepost and benchmark to every decision.Dear Pw C teams: The Code of Conduct is based on the Pw C Purpose and a core set of shared values, and sets out a common framework around how we are expected to behave and to do the right thing.Knowing, understanding, and living the Code, is a fundamental part of who we are as Pw C professionals, and what we stand for.

Hopefully some relief is on the horizon, but it is sad that technical solutions are necessary to maintain decorum online.

We tell our kids that their digital reputation and presence online is part of their overall character.

Unfortunately, kids are getting mixed messages when they see examples of bad behavior all around them online, and not just from their peers but also from a large cross-section of the online community.

The trust that our clients, communities and our people place in Pw C, and our high standards of ethical behaviour, are fundamental to everything we do.

As we go about our work it’s important we have a frame of reference for the decisions we make every day.

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