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Click here to return to the page you were visiting.“No one’s ever enjoyed coaching more than I have, I promise, and no one’s ever been luckier in the coaching profession than I have,” Gillispie told the newspaper in a text message. “I’ve been very sick with blood pressure issues since the summer, but I’ve tried to fight it out.Gillispie said the doctor told him he is in kidney failure due to years of chronic high blood pressure.The kidney problems are a result of year of blood pressure-related issues.Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson, who was on hand Wednesday for Making history is a rare accomplishment. But that's what Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford and Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will seek to do this fall.As for my early pick for this fall's Heisman, I'd rate Tebow as the early favorite, followed by Mc Coy and then Bradford, though I wouldn't be surprised if California running back Jahvid Best had a big year and won it.

That is not to say that Kentucky doesn’t have its share of racists. Inevitably, they’ll drag Kentucky over the coals again. They’ll ignore the fact that we actually did want Billy Gillispie fired after a mere two seasons. That makes it seem that Kentucky fans are simply crazy in a basketball sports fan manner. How will he justify his rants against Kentucky fans? Kentucky Basketball is supposed to run the fast break in a way that makes Kentucky Derby thoroughbreds look like snails in hibernation. If the guy would have come in and rolled like Pitino or Calipari, they’d be naming their kids Tubby and Orlando. When that happens, the media and others will start talking about his time at Kentucky again. If Kentucky fans wanted Billy G gone after two years and gave Tubby nearly a decade to get it together, well, that doesn’t fit the agenda. The Starting 5 at UK has been African American for the most part for over 20 years. Somehow, these same fans who love Black kids who actually play the game hate a Black Coach simply because he’s BLACK. Could it be that what they wanted was a winning coach who understood the passion that they have for Kentucky Basketball. Especially when Tubby is recruiting scrubs out of Canada and Fordham to run it. 99% of Kentucky fans couldn’t have cared less about the skin color of Tubby.I believe Barnes could have had it two years ago before the Wildcats offered it to Gillispie. under center more than have him operate exclusively out of the shotgun.Neither Vince Young nor Chris Simms has held onto a starting job in the NFL, in part because of their shallow experience behind center at .

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