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In every other area, the Trump administration is bending over backward to boost big business.

This lawsuit is ideologically inconsistent and discordant with the rest of their agenda.

Until very recently, the billion acquisition looked like a done deal because previous administrations, including Barack Obama’s, allowed vertical mergers that didn’t involve direct competitors.

Comcast’s deal to buy NBC in 2011 was similar to this transaction, for example.

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Did he have conversations with Trump regarding Time Warner before he got confirmed? Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he does not respect the independence of the Justice Department.

“Even beyond the politics surrounding the case, the Justice Department may not have an airtight economic argument against the AT&T-Time Warner deal, some analysts said.” 6.

The president has made no secret of his deep personal disdain for CNN.

“But nobody should be surprised that the question keeps coming up,” he said, “because we’ve witnessed such an abrupt change in the application of antitrust law here.” Telling the Justice Department to go to court to block a business transaction because of his personal animus toward a news organization, if proven, would constitute a clear-cut abuse of presidential power.

Stephenson said he is willing to go to court and will try to compel the DOJ to turn over internal correspondence, which might expose political interference.

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