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”However, you know that, while Bill is your age, he’s much more immature than the guy you’ve just started dating.

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But whenever older women want to date younger men, it’s as though the world has ended.“What?! And they won’t be bored by them – heck, they want you to tell them these stories and give them advice.So by making yourself available to younger men, you’d be doing them a big favour!Because It’s Sexist To Think That It ISN’T Okay To Date Younger Men When someone (a guy) tells you that you really shouldn’t date younger men, it’s usually because they’re either jealous or a bit (a lot) sexist.We’ve all heard our friends say it: “I just don’t get along with guys my own age. They don’t want to take naps every two hours, and they’re wiling to be spontaneous. Unfortunately, when you meet older men that are a similar age to you, they tend to view this experience as “baggage.”Not so younger men.They’re just not mature enough.”Usually, though, they’re talking about dating older men. Instead, they’re enthralled and fascinated by your experience. You’ve lived a life they can but yet dream about, and they want you to teach them things.

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