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This adds to the confusion because, again, it’s illegal for parents to have sexual relationships with their children.It’s hard for parents ever to talk about the sexual feelings they may have for their children. I’m talking about feelings at the other end of the sexual continuum – benign feelings of admiration and attraction, from the mother who says she wants to bite her baby’s peachy bum to the father who fondly strokes his daughter’s hair.But if he is already married, then please don't disturb him because it won't do you or him any good and other people (i.e., his wife) will also suffer (emotionally and mentally) as a result of your actions. I'm a student right now and under the age of consent in my state.One of my teachers in the past year I felt really attracted to. Now they were probably hiding somewhere in France, perhaps in a cheap hotel, perhaps sneaking out for walks together, kissing….

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You can still interact with them and get to know them, without being creepy and crossing lines. he knew well how much i like him ( because i gave him a letter on teachers day and new year. knowing that he has no classschedule every tuesday, he's just on the faculty). If he is to tell you directly about the food being tasty, his action would be almost stepping into grey area which is very much danger zone and thus may have scandalous implication which is not good for him and not good for you too!

A fifteen-year-old girl and her thirty-year-old lover.

In the schools I visited, everyone was talking about it because everyone, I suspect, had an investment in the story. I don’t know how many teachers would admit publicly to their interest in this story, however.

But if those feelings can be acknowledged and talked about as inevitabilities rather than as signs of weakness or perversity then teachers are more (rather than less) likely to remain in control of the situation and not end up crossing any boundaries.

Teachers, whether they like it or not, are parent-figures.

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