Government mandating of employee benefits

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), employers of ALL sizes (even those with fewer than 10 employees!

) are forced to comply with the law’s numerous and complex requirements – or risk punitive fines and penalties.

If you are looking for clarity regarding legally required employee benefits, the information found below can be of great benefit to you.

As noted by the, every employer is required to pay social security taxes based on the rate their employees pay.

For the rest of this document, I’ll concentrate on the extreme stance that all differences in outcome are due to differential treatment and the authoritarian element that’s required to actually discriminate to create equal representation.

At Google, we’re regularly told that implicit (unconscious) and explicit biases are holding women back in tech and leadership.

As made plain by the information listed above, employees are entitled to a variety of benefits which employers are required to offer by law.

By reading the information found above, you can gain a better understanding of which employee benefits employers should be providing.

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The answer above is missing a few very critical points; specifically, the legal definition of a contractor and if the job can be filled by a 1099 worker or must it be a W2 employee? In other words, if the position requires the employee to be directed as to how, when, where and with what to do the job, then get quacking… If however, the job will be done independently, then a 1099 may be the way to go. If you call someone to fix your roof you don’t tell him what size nails to use, how to swing the hammer, which guys on his team will work and when to break for lunch. Now if you have an administrative assistant who is required to be at the office at 9am, dress according to code, take lunch at noon, use Microsoft Word on an office computer and report to a supervisor, well that’s a W2 employee. Employee misclassification is something that the Feds aren’t messing with.

Typically, what type of health insurance an employee gains results from his or her negotiating with the employer.

Although they are not always thought of as a “benefit,” minimum wage and overtime pay are also required by law.

Oh, and when we say numerous and complex, we’re not kidding.

The original legislation started out a mere 2,600 pages, has ballooned to 43,000 (yes, that’s , not a typo, incredibly) pages and isn’t going to stop there!

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