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She turned as a producer with co-producing ‘Sihina Kumari’ teledrama. Hiri poda wessa (FULL MOVIE ) : Hiri poda wessa14, Hiri poda wessa2, Hiri poda wessa2, Hiri poda wessa 3, Hiri poda wessa3, Hiri poda wessa4, Hiri poda wessa5, Hiri poda wessa6, Hiri poda wessa7, Hiri poda wessa8, full songs by/like hiri poda wessa for free, rip hiri poda wessa songs from the youtube videos instantly or download hiri poda wessa videos in 3gp, mp4 or flv format for free at It is astonishing that a writer/director would make a film that has hardly any character growth or development.The film simply presents the daily existence of the characters and even the conflicts faced are forgettable.The first act of the film is divided equally among the storylines of the three male characters but once the second act begins each story just moves along a tangent.

But it is painfully apparent that a clueless adult has written this script without an inkling of applicability to his targeted audience.

The film features a cast of young and fairly unknown actors such as Pubudu Chathuranga (Sithum), Jayantha Athapaththu (Ramith), Roshan Ranawaka (Prageeth), Chathurika Pieris (Pooja), Harshani Perera (Ms. Ramith's storyline is probably similar to something we've all been guilty of; having a crush on a sexy teacher.

But that’s as far as it went because I certainly don't recall trying to dispose of a dead body with my sexy teacher, which is what Ramith ends up doing.

His story is about a budding relationship he initiates with Pooja.

Ramith is from a middle class family and his father is the owner of an automobile repair garage.

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