Ji hwan dating

Kang is one of the most talented person i have ever known,hoping and wishing for more tv drama series and movies to come and may his career continue to shine.

IMO you are very good in all those dramas, You are a natural comedian. I personally hoping to watch more drama I really love the way you portray in every character in every drama you,, done ,,, Good luck Annyeong oppa Ji Hwan.. You always make me cry like a baby and laugh like crazy.. there are many korean actors having handsome face, but there is only one korean actor who has a nice smile, he's Kang ji hwan .

I wonder if he has another drama series after Big Man. Indeed Kang Ji Hwan is such a good actor from Be strong Geum Soon to the Big Man. Hope you will get what you're dreamin' of,to receive a "Best Actor Award". I have always thought of the Korean culture as being so facinating!

Its not impossible to happen coz you're a gem and excellent actor.. I think you take pride in all or your work (in everything) because the finish product is always outstanding!

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Korean actor Kang Ji-hwan has denied recent rumors that he has been dating actress Jang Hee-jin for a year, according to his agency on Friday."There has been a lot of inquiries from reporters but it is not true," an official at his agency said in a phone call with Asia Economic Daily today.

And the number that end up walking down the line I can count on one hand.Recently, a monthly women's magazine in Korea reported that the actor had met Jang in 2008 while working on the film "Rough Cut" and the two had been dating for a year.The magazine even went as far as to explain that the two usually met at Kang's house in Apkujung-dong, quoting a source close to the stars who said "they became very close while shooting the movie."Kang has appeared in several notable dramas and films including "Be Strong, Geum-soon!way way ahead of my CJH and got the recognition with those numerous acting awards.. I have seen all his drama series and all of them were good . I love ur korean drama like Lie To Me, incarnation of Money, Big Man and also ur movie My girlfriend is an agent with Kim Han Neul. The handsomest chaebol in the whole wide world.after and while watching ltm you got more and more attractive. Ok I guess you fit the profile of tall dark and handsome. Dude the script writer for your character made me wish I knew you for real! I will continue to watch your old dramas but hoping to see u in a new drama this 2015.. KJH is a very versatile actor he can portray any role be it action,love story or comedy. Wow it was a very touching drama filled with excitement,surprises adventures and etc. I am a person who is not easy carried by heavy drama but oh Ive shed a lot of cast were all terrific so congratulations! You have a great chemistry with YEH,the kisses was super hot it beats the korean standards when it comes in kisses.like old pecks kisses.. I know you and YEH have several identical rings and bracelets.. If you are anything like your charactor in "Lie to me" You have to be some special ladies sweet heart.

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