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However useful a series of such maps, composed for every distinct period, would be in the study of history, the mag- nitude and difficulties of such an undertaking are too great to admit of its ever being executed, or, if ever executed, of coming into general use. Towards the end of the first century, the countries along the Rhine were distinguished from the rest of the province by the names of Grermania Inferior, and Germania Supe* rior; the country of the Helvetii and Sequani received the name of Maxima Sequanorum.

Geographers, considering this difficulty, have, in their publications on the ancient world, generally chosen the period at which the Roman empire had reached its fullest extension ; marking on those maps not only the places then in existence, but also some which had long ceased to be, and of which, even then, the site was disputed ; such, for instance, as Troy ; to these some few are sometimes added, which arose at later periods. Digitized by Cj OOQ IC 22 GALLIA.: Minor Pbrudis, Somme ; Tabula or Scaldis, Schetd ; Vahalis, "»ef»- Waal; Mosa, Jfletwe ; Mosella, if wctfe ; Saravus, -Soar; Sabis, Sambre ; Fossae Drusiauae, a canal dug by Drusugy to join one of the arms of the Rhine with the Yssel riven Cities in Belgica Secunda, the north-west part : in the country of tbe Bellovaci, modem Beauvais, Bratus- and prima, pantium ; Csesaromagus, Beauvaia ; in the land of the Aufii AKi, Samarobriva, Amiens on the Somme; in that of the Atrebates, modem Artois, Nemetacum, jirraa ; in that of the Morini, modem Boulenois, Tarvanna, Terotienne; Castellum, Casad in Flanders; in the country of the Nervii, subdivisions of which were the Grudii, Centrones, Levaci, Pleumaxii, modern Hainaut, Bagseum near Valendennea ; Turoacum^ Toumaiy; Camaracum, Cambray ; in the country of the Vsrom ak- Dui, south of the Nervii, modem Vermandois, we find Augusta Veromanduorum, Vermand^ near St.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. '*^' The climate of Gaul was known to the ancients as Climate and temperate; the country being well watered, and its higlw P"^"*^ est mountains being fortunately confined to its southern and eastern frontiers ; the products of its fertile soil were Tarious and valuable: corn; millet; horned cattle; horses; sheep; wool; pigs; excellent hams ; wine; beer; gold in the Cebenna mountains, and in the sands of the Tarbelli ; from which the riches proceeded that were kept in the temple of Tolosa, Touhuse. — The Visigoths settle in Aquitania.— The Britons settle in Armorica; the Burgundians in the countries about the Sadne and Rhone; and the Franks in Gallia 481 Belgica.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Avaricum, now Bourgea; Burdigala, Bordeatuo^ enriched Largo by trade at an early period ; Lugdunum, Lyan Sy founded ^^°^ B. 4S, which soon became the first town of Gaul; Cabil- lonum, Chdlan swr Sa&ne^ ancient seat of trade and inland navigation. — The Franks under Clovis, son of Ch Uderca, become masters in Gaul, and founders of the French kingdom. Ag^ppa, by the orders of Augustus, divided Gaul into four provinces ; first, Gallia Narbonensis ; second, Grallia Aquitania; third, Gallia Lugdunensis; fourth, Grallia Belgica.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. The Alps in the east, distin- guished into the Alpes Maritime, Cottiae, Graise, Pen- ninae; the different parts of this vast chain occurring be- tween the coast of the Mediterranean and that elevated re^on which is now known by the name of Mont Blanc and St. The Vogesus, now Voages^ commences near the middle of the course of the Rhine ; it proceeds towards the south-west in a direction nearly parallel to the bed of that river : it then divides into two branches, both of which continue to follow the same direction towards the south-west ; they are the Jura on the east, and the Ge- henna or Cevennes on the west : the latter continues down to the Pyrenees ; a range of low mountains north-west of the Vogesus, and uniting with the Gehenna, bears the name of Arduenna or Ardennes, Main Garumna, Garonne and Gironde ; Liger, Loire; the itiearas. C c2 Digitized by Cj OOQ IC 388 INDEX Cassiope, 111, m.

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Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. The inhalntants comprised three distinct races of men, inhabit- divided into innumerable classes or tribes; the Aquitani, ^°'*' aboriginals; the Celts, from beyond the Rhine; the Belgse, proceeding from the amalgamation of the Celtas with various hordes which migrated into Gaul from Ger- many. — The Romans possess themselves of the S£ parts, to which they give the name of Frovinds 56—25. fjarbo, in its southern part ; it was likewise denominated Bonndariea. Boundaries : S, the Mediterranean, and Pyrenees ; E, the Varus, now Var ; W, the Gehenna. Illiberis, now Tec ; Atax, now Aude ; Orobis, Orbe ; Dubio, Daubs; Isara, Isire ; Druentia, Durance ; Varus, Var ; Rhodanus, Rhone. The study of the ancient geography of any country must then be preceded by that of the country which corresponds to it on the modern map : in this preparation the attention is to be particularly di- rected to its natural features ; to its outline, which ought to be copied until fully impressed on the memory ; to its mountains — those ramparts of nations and barriers against invaders — their direction, their connexion with other ranges in the neighbouring r^ons, and more particularly their passes or defiles. for the understanding of the march of armies, and the roads of trade and communication by land ; to the rivers, their size, their capability of being navigated, and the roads of communication which they throw open ; to the nature of the coasts, whether abounding in safe ports, and in inlets running deep inland ; to its products, and to its means of trade. Breacau; Metina, now Jamatan; the Stoechades, of which Prote, the first, now Porquero Ue Sy Mese, the middle one, now Porto Croa, and Hypssa, the most distant, now Levant, &c. Gallia The province of Gallta Lugdunensis, or Celtica, the gi^ «ncn- smallest of the four, contained the lands between the Sequana, or Sein Cy N ; the Liger or Loire^ S and W ; the Arar or Saone, E. In the interior Rhedones, Andegavi, Turones, Aulerci, Namnetae, Parisii, Caruntes, Tricassii, Senones, Mandubii, Aedui, Ambarri, Boii, &c. In earlier times Aqc Itania, inhabited by twenty tribes of the Aquitani, comprised only modem Gascony, Basque, Beam, and a part of Guyenne : the province to which the name of Gallia Aquitania or Aremorica was assigned in the reign of Augustus is far more extensive: now the boundaries were in the south the Pyrenees, north and east the Liger. Feret; Sentonum, Jrdvert; Pictonium, les sables d*Olone. The attention is then to be addressed to the different revolutions which history points out, as having at sundry periods occurred in this land ; the settlements there of various races ; its subjection to some dominant nation ; the introduction of civiliz- ation and government, and the succession of resi- dence in towns and villages, to the nomad or roving state, and to the troglodytic condition of bar- barians. Minor Tetus, Trietw ; Argenis, Erguenon ; Matrona, Mame^ Isara, Oiae, Axona, Aiane. Topogra- Principal towns on the coast of the Atlantic, in the ^ ^' country of the Namnetes, Brivates; Portunamnetum, now Nantes; in the land of the Venetes, modem dis- trict of Va/nnesy Dariorigon or Darioriton, now Vannea; Yindana, V Orient ; in the country of the Osismii, Greso- brivatae, Brest; in the territory of the Viducessii, or Viducasses, in the modem Peuthtevr Cy Argenis, or Argenus : in the country of the Veneli, modern Coten Hn of Normandyy Crociatonum, now Carentan; Cosedia, Coutancea; in the territory of the Lexubii, or Lixovii, Noviamagus, near Caen; in the land of the Calet^e, modem Cauof of Normandyy Juliobona, now Li Uehonne ; at the mouth of the Sequana, Constantia Castra, built by Constantius Chlorus, probably the same with Caroco- tinum, now Harfleur. S^;akaxinusy Bo74caut de Memisan; Duranius, Dorcfc^^,* Tarais, Tarn ; Canautelus, Sevre^ &c. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. 13 Emporia, now Empurias, founded by the Romans; Rboda, now Rases ; Juncaria, now Jungttera. Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. The Islands reckoned as appertaining to Spain are islands.

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    Errors there may be, but every effort has been made to verify the data. "His work will supply a felt want, in the literature of Windsor, and it should prove very acceptable to all lovers of the Hawkesbury districts. Stogdell, Palmer, Hobbs, Diggers, Jones, Benn, Smallwood, Dr. The present township of Pitt Town stands on portions of these grants, which had to be resumed for township purposes in 1810. A Government store was established in 1798, and placed in charge of William Baker, whose name is perpetuated in Baker Street, Windsor and Baker's Lagoon, near Richmond. In the year 1804 Governor King appointed trustees for the several Commons of the Colony. Everingham (a Matthew James Everingham died on 25th December, 1817, aged forty-eight years, and was buried in St.