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Saint Paul expresses it in these words: “You are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s Go here to read the rest.In this debate the Pope enters the political field, as there is nothing in Church doctrine that mandates that governments allow illegal aliens to enter their country.

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It is here that solidarity and sharing are founded.”[9] These words evoke the biblical image of the new Jerusalem.

The traditional teaching of the Church is actually quite the reverse.

Like a partisan politician, he refuses to acknowledge the manifest problems that have been created by massive illegal immigration from the Islamic world, especially in Italy, and demonizes those who have spoken out about such problems.

The Indian regulator, however, exempt certain “specialised services”, defined by the telecom ministry, from its new guidelines so long as it did not violate the principles of net neutrality.

It suggested the government change rules for granting licences to ISPs and set up a monitoring body to ensure net neutrality.

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