Peer counseling dating violence

School shooters do not have a single profile, nor a single reason for their attacks, but there are some ways that adults and students can reduce the chances of an attack occurring.

Schools are sometimes just the place where violence happens, such as in drug or gang related attacks, but in some cases they are the place chosen for an attack. Secret Service did a study on incidents of targeted school shootings, and, as of 2000, found 37 such incidents, beginning in 1974, with the number of incidents increasing each decade.

With the recent advent of mandatory arrest laws for domestic violence, treatment programs around the country have proliferated in response to the growing need for services of court-mandated clients.

Additionally, women who have been arrested for domestic violence, are also often referred for mandatory treatment.

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This article contains some statistics on school shootings, a profile of people who have participated in school shootings, and tips on what to do about school violence.

Lastly, the author believe that decisions that reflect appropriate sensitivity to legal and ethical issues must be made by the treating professional with the appropriate consultation of peers, supervisors and legal council.

Based in part upon experience, the most important common areas where professionals encounter difficult legal and ethical decisions in treating this population, particularly the court mandated client includes: 1) informed consent and other issues related to client safety, 2) confidentiality and privilege, 3) scope of competence and license, 4) financial issues, and 5) advertising.

Each of these areas will be addressed separately and examine many of the more common legal and ethical dilemmas that arise for clinicians when working with this population. For purposes of our discussion legal issues are relevant in two areas, laws governing the practice of your profession and criminal and civil laws that either directly or indirectly impact the mental health professionals practice.

Laws governing the practice of mental health professionals are specifically articulated in the licensing law.

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