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Since I'm posting my experience here, needless to say, it was a nightmare.I joined a dating site and met a very romantic, sweet talking fellow who goes by the name Christopher Brooks. He had 1 daughter who attended Oxford University in London.I would like to address to the lady whose scammer is Charles Bothmann. But I must agree, I did miss his messages in the mornings, anyway I wish I could find out who is the guy of the pictures he sent, so please be safe and don't trust them, as they only want your money and will break your heart.The oil rig scammer I wrote about here was Charles Bothmann, and I have reported him and his mules to the FBI.They communicate on the Net with only their families and that is it.My Cousin works on Atlantis and this is where my scammer said he was. When I told him oh my cousin works there I will ask him, he said oh he left and never got no pay cause he did much damage on it. Then last night I found another picture of another man in the exact same office, So funny and three other names.

Beware ladies, he is good and has been doing this for a while.

I can only warn others now and hope they will heed advice given to me that I didn't take until it was too late.

Mind you, I am aware that there are scammers out there, so I did my research and found Pemex Oil is a real thing. I hope maybe this will help someone not fall into the trap I did.

Be careful Now the lady that was going to bring her scammer to USA cause she felt sorry from him. Living with friends in a one room place all of them?

I have one of them now asking for money and begging me to bring him here, but I know of 13 other women he has scammed. God Bless you all I want to throw these names out for all to see. They opened up Facebook Profiles in the name of a real man and started scamming women using this man's profile, photos and his actual name.

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