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Banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Roger Williams establishes a colony he names "Providence" in present-day Rhode Island.

Williams had quarreled with Puritan authorities over their theology, their decision to remain within the Church of England and their failure to pay Native Americans for their land.

Other religions, termed "dissenting religions," do not have freedom of worship.

By the time of the Revolutionary War, nine colonies have established state religions.

Thomas Jefferson, then a Virginia state assemblyman, receives the petition and joins forces with the Baptists to propose the disestablishment of the Anglican Church in Virginia.

Written by Thomas Jefferson and first submitted in 1779, the Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom proposes ending state support of the Anglican Church.

In 1675, 47 Pueblo leaders are imprisoned in Santa Fe for sorcery; three are publicly hanged. 10, 1680, 2,000 Pueblos rise up in what becomes known as the Pueblo Revolt.

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Toleration gives civil authorities the power to decide whether to allow specific groups freedom to worship.Like the Pilgrims, the English Puritans believe that the Church of England is corrupt.Unlike the Pilgrims, they do not break with the church, but remain a part of it.He receives an immense tract of land west of the Delaware River from King Charles II (in repayment for a debt owed Penn's father) and establishes the "holy experiment" of Pennsylvania.The colony's founding documents include provisions for religious toleration, freedom of the press and statements of equality that include women, but not slaves.

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