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Eventually, James and Elizabeth began a song-and-dance act.

They moved to Los Angeles, in 1938, where their children began working as movie extras.

In 1944, Blake began playing a Native American boy, "Little Beaver," in the Red Ryder Western series at the studios of Republic Pictures (now CBS Radford Studios), appearing in 23 of the movies until 1947.

He also had roles in one of Laurel and Hardy's later films The Big Noise (1944), and the Warner Bros.

Gubitosi then began appearing in MGM's Our Gang short subjects (a.k.a.

The Little Rascals) under his real name, replacing Eugene "Porky" Lee.

Blake also appeared twice as "Alfredo" in the syndicated western The Cisco Kid and starred in "The White Hat" episode of Men of Annapolis, another syndicated series.

Blake appeared in three distinctive guest lead roles in the CBS series Have Gun Will Travel.

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Blake did appear that year as Tobe Hackett in the episode "Trade Me Deadly" of the syndicated western series 26 Men, which dramatized true stories of the Arizona Rangers.

movies Humoresque (1946), playing John Garfield's character as a child, and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), playing the Mexican boy who sells Humphrey Bogart a winning lottery ticket and gets a glass of water thrown in his face by Bogart in the process.

In 1950, at age 17, Blake appeared as Mahmoud in The Black Rose and as Enrico, Naples Bus Boy (uncredited) in Black Hand. After returning to Southern California, he entered Jeff Corey's acting class and began working on improving his personal and professional life.

He also appeared as a child actor in 22 entries of the Red Ryder film franchise. 1910), was married to Giacomo (James) Gubitosi (1906–1956).

In the Red Ryder series and in many of his other roles as an adult, he was cast as a Native American or Latino character. In 1930, James worked as a dye setter for a can manufacturer.

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