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Accordingly, they’ve tried to replicate the Trish experiment since.

Even if, as I have noted, the original was probably a bit over-rated anyway. And, needless to say, most of the results have been a dismal failure.

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She was a decent worker, although Victoria (now Tara in TNA) and Molly "Nora Greenwald" Holly (two performers she oftenfeuded with in 2002-2004) were superior to her in the in-ring department.No, it’s never a good sign when we can clearly see your rib cages in pictures.Then there was the small matter of Rolling Stone Magazine outing her as a high-priced escort in their May 2008 issue after an FBI sting operation.So, let’s have a look at five of the most blatant failures: She was a rock chick! This was mainly why she got the WWE spot on the CBS show Survivor, when the company was asked by the show to submit a contestant, even though most thought she would be a disaster and it would be ample opportunity to push an up and coming male star (indeed, Ashley lasted about 1 week and a half before getting kicked off).She was totally different from all the other blond models! But the glimmer of personality she showed during the second Diva Search contest allowed her to win and gain the 0,000 contract. Manami Toyota would have dug up her grave to roll in if she ever saw one of Massaro’s matches.

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